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If an Aquarius hasn’t read their monthly horoscope yet, has the month truly started?
It’s an exciting start to the month: Action planet Mars makes an easy connection with Uranus, your planetary ruler, on September 2, bringing brilliant ideas, surprising conversations, and unexpected meetings. The atmosphere is electric, and anything can happen—Mars is fearless, and Uranus is the planet of genius. It’s an unstoppable combination!
Of course, Mercury is still retrograde, so things won’t go as planned. Expect delays or miscommunication, especially in your relationships. Fortunately, Mercury retrograde ends soon, on September 5. At that point, things will begin to smooth over, and the seemingly endless game of phone tag you’ve been playing will end. Conversations, from as far back as late July, will pick up again. Things are, simply, going to make more sense.
Also on September 5, Mars enters Earth sign Virgo, which will bring complex issues, like debts and taxes, to the fore—things you might rather not worry about! Virgo’s vibe is organized and meticulous; now is certainly the time to save your receipts. Virgo is also sensual—it is an Earth sign, after all, and the most physical of the signs. Mars in Virgo will rev things up in your sex life!
Virgo is an analytical and down-to-earth energy, yet this sign occupies an emotional, sensitive sector of your chart. Perhaps this is why you keep such a level head when you’re feeling emotional. The softer you’re feeling, the happier making lists makes you!
But muddy feelings will arise due to the full moon in Water sign Pisces on September 6. Full moons, times of perspective and closure, are always emotional—and this one will really challenge you. Work out whether you feel valued, and question what’s worthy, valuable, and important to you.
Full moons, times of perspective and closure, are always emotional—and this one will really challenge you.
Security (financial and emotional) will be on your mind. A climax of a money-related situation is likely. Your sex life is an issue during Virgo season, and this full moon will find you reconnecting with yourself physically and emotionally. You’ve grown a lot, so your wants and needs have changed.
Pisces (the sign the full moon is in) is all about fantasy—but Virgo is grounded in reality. Find a balance between reality and idealism during this full moon. Expect to continue balancing this complex dynamic as Mercury moves through Virgo, which it will enter on September 9.
Uranus is your modern planetary ruler; however, prior to its discovery in the 18th century, astrologers assigned cool, detached Saturn as your ruler. Saturn is busy mid-month, with a connection to sweet Venus on September 12, and a clash with the Sun on September 13. The mood will be serious, and there will be obstacles, especially in your relationships. However, Venus’s sweet influence will encourage people to be kind while navigating boundaries.
Planning a hot date? Wait a few days. Venus meets with your modern planetary ruler, Uranus, on September 18. Things will be more flexible, and not under the pressure of restrictive Saturn. Expect a wild and kinky atmosphere—Venus is an affectionate, sweet energy, while Uranus is all about taking risks and, let’s be real, being a weirdo. (This must be why Uranus is your ruling planet; you both embrace being eccentric!)
Venus leaves life-of-the-party, glam Leo and enters down-to-earth and chic Virgo on September 19. Venus rules love, money, beauty, and, on a more esoteric level, what we value. Venus in Virgo wears natural fabrics and doesn’t mind having a bit of a uniform. Venus in Virgo is a picky lover but has a dirty mind you wouldn’t expect. Venus in Virgo values an eye for detail and having the facts straight—and Venus in Virgo does not like being fucked with, played with, or lied to. Venus in Virgo will illuminate the sector of your chart that rules sex, intimacy, and trust, so expect to delve deeper into these themes with your partners.
September 27 is one of the most critical days of the month. Jupiter will oppose Uranus, bringing important, unexpected changes and shocking news.
This is a profound time to let go of the past—especially when the new moon in Virgo arrives on September 20. New moons are all about fresh starts, and this one is encouraging you to work through any grief you’re holding onto. Pay off debts, or forgive someone of something they owe you, whether it’s cash or even an apology. Let it go!
The Sun enters fellow Air sign Libra on September 22, marking the autumn equinox, and bringing a shift in energy. Virgo season found you mired in complicated emotions and situations, but Libra season will be freer, likely bringing travel, learning experiences, and opportunities to connect with a large audience.
Messenger planet Mercury challenges your planetary ruler, Saturn, on September 25, making this a difficult day for communication. People are going to be in bad moods, and they’re going to say no. Difficult topics will be on your mind, but being understood won’t come easily. Share your fears with your journal or a trusted professional who won’t roll their eyes when you bring up an ex who still weighs on your heart, or who won’t get uncomfortable if you bring up a topic like grief or pain.
September 27 is one of the most critical days of the month, so circle it on your calendar. Jupiter will oppose Uranus, bringing important, unexpected changes and shocking news. (Watch for what arrives in your inbox.)
Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, is in Libra, the sign of justice. Electric Uranus, the planet of innovation, is in independent Fire sign Aries. Freedom and fairness are important themes. Expect surprising events that push people to seek liberation.
Mercury enters diplomatic, thoughtful Libra on September 29, putting you in a philosophical mood. You might find yourself suddenly interested in, or inspired by, spirituality, law, or other cultures. This is a great time to travel (unlike Mercury retrograde, which likely messed up many of your end-of-summer trips), and you’ll be in a curious mood, so pick up some books on new topics and dive deep!
Have a great month, Aquarius, besitos!

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