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Happy autumn equinox, Aries!
It’s Virgo season, which means you’re hard at work. The start of the month is especially energetic thanks to Mars (your planetary ruler), which is currently in fellow Fire sign Leo, connecting with Uranus, which is in your sign, little ram.
The vibe is explosive, impulsive, and genius. Surprises are on the way. Expect to feel this energy in your creative endeavors and your love life. (You’re never afraid to make the first move when you have a crush, Aries, and you’ll really take charge and make a surprising gesture now!)
The Sun is in Virgo, a hardworking sign, and throughout the month, you’ll have plenty of responsibilities as Mercury and Venus also enter this Earth sign. However, Mars and Uranus’s connection is all about you having a wild, free, fun time.
Mercury is retrograde at the start of this month, in Leo, which finds you reconsidering and re-examining how you have fun, who you party with, your hookups, your crushes, and your artistic pursuits.
You may realize: Someone you had the hots for maybe isn’t so hot. Or perhaps a creative project you put on the back burner will finally turn into something you can focus on. People from your past are likely to pop back up, too!
You’re never afraid to make the first move when you have a crush, Aries, and you’ll really take charge and make a surprising gesture now!
Mercury retrograde is a pain—it brings delays, miscommunication, and technical difficulties—but it offers an opportunity to connect with your past and slow down. Don’t worry; it won’t last long. Mercury retrograde ends September 5.
Mercury makes two connections with your planetary ruler, Mars, this month: once on September 3, during its retrograde in Leo, and again on September 16, in Earth sign Virgo. Mars is the planet of war, and Mercury rules communication so something not so nice may be said. You’re not afraid of confrontation, Aries, but use this energy productively. Start new, important conversations, speak your mind, and say something that needs to be said.
Also, try to strategize! (You’re not that into strategy, ram; you kind of like to wing it.) The first time these planets meet, in Leo, will stir up communication in the romance and creativity sector of your chart.
The second time they meet, Mars will enter Virgo on September 5, and Mercury will have entered on September 9. So they will be activating the sector of your chart that rules your day job and your daily routines and rituals, helping you power through and get things done.
A full moon, in sensitive and psychic Water sign Pisces, lands on September 6. Expect to be tired as hell. Not much zaps you of your energy, but this full moon will, so don’t overbook you, and plan on sleeping in. The best way to work with this intense and emotional energy is to find a (healthy, supportive) way to escape your everyday life and responsibilities.
Binge-watch something good, dance to music, dive into a book, or—my favorite thing to do during a Pisces full moon—meditate! Leave your everyday world behind to recharge and unwind. Make time to be alone. Find a quiet space. Allow your inner voice to come through! Pisces is a psychic energy so you won’t want to miss the messages that arrive in your dreams.
The full moon will illuminate a mysterious, private sector of your chart, so expect secrets to come to light.
Full moons are a time for release, and some endings are likely. If your schedule hasn’t been working, or if you’re thinking about leaving your job, this full moon will push you to make necessary changes. If you haven’t been getting enough sleep, expect to crash.
That said, this is a wonderful time to break a bad habit. Also, the full moon will illuminate a mysterious, private sector of your chart, so expect secrets to come to light. You’ll learn things about yourself that you didn’t even realize you didn’t know!
Love-and-money planet Venus enters Virgo September 19, which will bring you blessings at work—a welcome relief after a full moon that likely shifted your schedule and routine. Venus, in Virgo, presents a wonderful time to edit your closet, go to the spa, and pamper yourself.
Virgo is an Earth sign, so get in touch with your five senses. Connect with your physical needs. Anticipate a fresh start at work, with your habits, and with wellness during the new moon in Virgo on September 20.
Libra season begins September 22, marking the autumn equinox! Mercury soon joins the Sun in Libra on September 29. What does this mean for you, sweet ram? The energy is moving to the relationship sector of your chart, shifting your focus from your daily work to your partnerships.
We know that you, Aries, love your independence, and you can be a loner (even though you’re often the life of the party). But that doesn’t mean your relationships aren’t important to you. During Libra season, you’ll have opportunities to connect with others, meet new people, and spend time with people you’re already paired with (romantically, platonically, or professionally).
Your ruling planet, Mars, opposes Neptune on September 24, which will be confusing. You’re not the kind of person to read an instruction manual, but now, if ever, is when you should wish one was handy. When Neptune is around, things won’t make much sense. Mars wants to go, go, go; however, Neptune, the planet of illusion and delusion, makes going not so easy.
Avoid confrontations, Aries, and take it slow—don’t make plans, because your energy will be low and limp, with disappointment in the air. Don’t expect to get much done. Plan a hot date or important meeting for another time—when Neptune’s fog isn’t messing with Mars’s fire.
On the most intense day of the month, September 27, Jupiter opposes Uranus. You’ll feel this in your relationships. You’re itching for big changes! You love your freedom, Aries, and you’re one of the most spontaneous signs in the zodiac. Expect these qualities to be magnified. In a relationship that’s holding you down? Goodbye! At a job where you feel like you can’t be in charge of your own time or projects? Later! Big surprises are coming—and you, Aries, might be the big surprise other people have to contend with.
Exciting changes are on the way, little ram! Besitos!

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