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Astrology may be trendy now, but you have always loved reading your horoscope, even before it was cool. Let’s see what’s ahead for you this month:
It’s Virgo season, Pisces, and the sun is shining bright in the relationship sector of your chart. Much of your month is about partnerships—but it’s crucial that you stay grounded in reality (not easy for you to do, my dreamy, fishy friend), especially on September 5. That’s when the Sun opposes your ruling planet, Neptune, which is in your sign.
Neptune is the planet of illusion and, sadly, delusion. When the Sun and this nebulous planet oppose in the sky, you’ll face murky, confusing issues in your relationships. Fans of astrology love to call out Gemini for being a two-faced liar, but let’s be real, Pisces: You are one shady fish, and you’re even better at being sneaky than Gemini is, since you actually know how to keep your mouth shut!
You may feel pressured, which, in turn, may make you want to run from, or obscure, the truth. Ask yourself: Is that who you want to be? Don’t make promises, and if you need to retreat from the world, go for it. Take care of yourself. Make your boundaries clear instead of making your life messy!
Similar issues will arise later this month, September 19, when communication planet Mercury also opposes Neptune. Don’t indulge paranoid thinking; if you’re feeling confused, speak to someone you trust who has an outside perspective.
Understanding other people won’t be easy—neither will expressing your needs or feeling like you’re being seen. It’s a challenge you can overcome as long as you don’t get lost in Neptune’s fog. Work with Neptune’s creative energy by creating or enjoying art, or, again, speaking with someone you trust for an outside perspective.
Let’s be real, Pisces: You are one shady fish, and you’re even better at being sneaky than Gemini is, since you actually know how to keep your mouth shut!
Mars enters Virgo on September 5, which will heat things up in your relationships. Mars is the planet of war, so expect your partners to be aggressive. Virgo is a sign that’s famous for being picky, so you’ll likely notice that the people you partner with are being critical! You’re not a fan of confrontation, but you’ll need to get used to people being a touch bossier this month.
Also on September 5, Mercury finally ends its retrograde in Leo, finishing a frustrating period of delays, miscommunications, and technical difficulties. Mercury retrograde in Leo has been especially troubling at work and for your commute, but that will begin easing up. Your daily routines and rituals have been out of whack, and as a result, your self-care routine has likely dropped off. It’s time to get back on track.
A full moon lands in your sign September 6, bringing relationship issues to a climax and pushing you to let go of partnerships that are no longer working. Full moons are all about release—are you ready to let go?
Expect to feel exhausted—you’re an ultra emotional being, Pisces. Full moons are intense. The emotions that have been brewing beneath the surface, as you’ve been trying to play it cool during Virgo season (a sign that’s down to earth and practical—and a perfectionist, which stresses you out), will bubble up.
If there’s any advice I can offer you, it’s for you to be yourself—this is your full moon. How often do you adjust who you are to make other people happy, to please your lover, or to impress your boss? Drop any acts, share your heart, and be yourself, Pisces!
Venus, the planet of love, money, and beauty, enters Virgo on September 19, bringing a chiller, kinder, softer energy to your relationships. People will be more affectionate, and easy to get along with, now that Venus is around. Sure, that Mars fire will still flare up, but Venus knows how to help people get along.
A full moon lands in your sign September 6, bringing relationship issues to a climax and pushing you to let go of partnerships that are no longer working.
A new moon in Virgo arrives September 20. New moons are a time for manifestation, and this one is especially potent. (By the way, this isn’t limited to your romantic relationships; it’s partnerships of all kinds!) An organized sign, Virgo loves nothing more than a list—so make a list of the qualities of your perfect mate. If you’re in a witchy mood, cast a spell to call in a partner. Not in the mood? Try to relate to others in general, or smooth things over with someone you’ve been arguing with.
Remember, both the Sun and Mercury will have already opposed Neptune by the time this new moon rolls around. Mars and Venus will also take turns opposing Neptune on September 24 and 29, respectively. This means plenty of confusion and delusion in your relationships; however, Neptune is the planet of fantasy, so whimsical, romantic vibes may be flowing, too. It’s likely to be a mess of daydreamy romance and frustrating confusion. Your life is always so complicated, Pisces.
Remember that, when Neptune is around, you can’t always see things as they are. Instead of trying to analyze the world around you, look within. Listen to your inner voice and use it as your compass. Trust your emotions. If you feel like shit, it’s probably because you’re in a bad situation. Don’t overanalyze it, just go with it; after Neptune’s haze clears, in early October, you can analyze it.
Libra season kicks off September 22, marking the autumn equinox! During Libra season, you’ll learn how close you can get with your partners and how deep they will let you in. On September 29, Mercury joins the Sun in Libra. Expect to focus on sex, intimacy, and trust. Libra is about relationships and balance. Is there fair give-and-take in your partnerships, Pisces?
Complex financial issues, like debts, taxes, or inheritances, will also be topics of discussion. If you owe someone something (cash, maybe, or simply a call to say hello), now is the time to settle up. Libra is a diplomatic, friendly Air sign, making it pleasant for you to take care of tricky business.
One of the most intense days is September 27, when Jupiter will oppose Uranus. Are you in a situation with some strings attached? You’ll be itchy as hell to clip your way out of them. Whether it’s a fuck-buddy situation that’s growing too codependent, or family offering you money that comes at an emotionally draining price, you’ll be pushed to confront the situation. Uranus is the planet of surprise, and Jupiter is the planet of abundance and exaggeration. Needless to say, you can expect drama at the end of the month!

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