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Your ruling planet, Venus, is busy this month.
Welcome to Virgo season, Taurus! Like you, Virgo is a sensual, grounded Earth sign. As the Sun travels through this sector of the zodiac, you will enjoy fun, flirtation, and creative inspiration!
But nothing’s ever that simple, little cow. Mercury is retrograde at the start of the month, and throughout September, planets will oppose Neptune, the planet of dreams and delusions, making things confusing and complicated.
The first planet to oppose Neptune will be the Sun, on September 5, followed by Mercury on September 19, Mars on September 24, and, finally, Venus on September 29. When Neptune’s fog descends, discerning what’s real and what’s fantasy is hard. So approach life lightly. Don’t rush into commitments with people or projects. And be careful about paranoia. Neptune is the planet of fantasy, but we all know fantasies can turn dark.
Use the energy productively. Take things slow, engage in creative projects (you will be super inspired), and enjoy romance without overanalyzing things. Neptune brings a haze, so don’t bother trying to make sense of it.
Neptune also blurs lines—not a great thing when you’re trying to maintain boundaries. Check in with yourself about your boundaries, and make them clear to the people you’re dating and the people you’re engaging with creatively.
Throughout September, planets will oppose Neptune, the planet of dreams and delusions, making things confusing and complicated.
An energy boost arrives when Mars enters Virgo on September 5. Mars is the planet of action, and meticulous, analytical Virgo knows how to strategize. Whatever you’re hoping to win, Taurus, this will be an easy time for you to win it. Much easier than when Mars was in regal Fire sign Leo, which, let’s be real, inspired you to lie around like royalty, not doing much of anything. You’re way more energized now!
Love, money, and beauty planet Venus will enter Taurus on September 19, an especially wonderful event for your love life and your artistic pursuits! Mars and Venus in this fellow, sensual Earth sign is a good omen. Things will come together easily. Have fun and express yourself creatively.
Mercury ends its retrograde in Fire sign Leo on September 5, which will put your focus on home, family, and your personal life. Conversations and projects that have stalled, or that needed rethinking, from as far back as July, will begin moving forward.
A full moon, in sensitive, psychic Water sign Pisces, arrives September 6. Typical for a full moon, the energy is exhausting and emotional. Tears are sure to be shed! Information is coming to light, and as a result, endings will follow.
Figuring out what’s real and what’s fantasy will be difficult this month. This full moon will bring perspective. Expect drama in your social life. You’re likely to let go of a few friendships, or move on from some groups or communities you belonged to.
Your ruling planet Venus makes a harmonious connection with Saturn on September 12. Saturn is a difficult energy to work with. It’s the planet of limitations and boundaries. Sweet, seductive Venus will kiss up to the curmudgeon of the zodiac, helping ground you during an emotionally difficult situation.
A new moon in Virgo arrives September 20, wiping the slate clean in your love life and bringing you inspiration to create art.
The energy isn’t cuddly or affectionate, so plan a cute date for some other time; however, the atmosphere will support other commitments. (Including your relationship with yourself, such as how you support yourself through emotionally trying situations.)
Venus connects with lucky planet Jupiter on September 15, which will be an easy day to connect with others! Venus is a romantic energy. It’s a great time to connect with the people you love, and an occasion for you to beautify your home or pamper yourself. Go to a spa!
Good vibes will flow at work—things will just click in your daily routine, and the people you run into will be friendly (and flirtatious). Don’t be surprised if you see someone cute at the laundromat!
Another exciting day is September 18. Venus make a harmonious connection with Uranus. Uranus is the planet of surprise and innovation, so experiment. If you’re kinky, Taurus, this is your day! Emotional breakthroughs are likely. There’s a spontaneous energy, too. You’re not one for sudden movements, my sweet cow, but you may surprise all of us today!
A new moon in Virgo arrives September 20, wiping the slate clean in your love life and bringing you inspiration to create art. You’re ready to start over, and this new moon is the perfect time to set intentions. How do you want things to be? It’s likely you’ll pick a new creative project, and new crushes are on the way, too.
The autumn equinox arrives September 22 when the Sun enters Libra. Mercury enters Libra, too, on September 29. So much of the month is about having fun, flirting, and making art; however, you’ll need to work during Libra season. Your responsibilities will be your focus. Have you been slacking?
If you’re looking for work, Mercury, in charming Air sign Libra, will help you network. Meanwhile, focus on wellness—visit the dentist if you haven’t been in a while! Seriously, you Tauruses love sugar, but it can fuck up your teeth, you know!
Jupiter opposes Uranus on September 27, one of the most astrologically significant days of the month. Jupiter is the planet of luck and expansion, and Uranus is all about innovation and surprise. Combine these energies, and the atmosphere is transformative.
Over-the-top changes will occur. That includes a massive change to your schedule, Taurus. I know you love your routines, but these changes will lead to more freedom and flexibility. Take care of yourself—eat well, sleep well. You don’t want to run yourself into the ground during this electric combination of energies. Good luck this month, Taurus, besitos!

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