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Never again without … Gourmand – Trattoria del Pescatore

“Wherever I go, I am Italian. The way I talk, the way I eat, the way femininity is important to me. The way I love Italian food.”
Monica Bellucci

In any review the most important thing is objectivity (and that I’m not a food expert at all). Trattoria del Pescatore is, as it’s name claims, an informal place. It’s not a restaurant, is a place run by lovely people, kind and genuine, where you will feel like invited at someone’s home for dinner. If you are among those who love to be by yourself, in this place I suggest you to get involved in the atmosphere. A glass of “prosecco” and “house antipasto”, crudités, octopus with polenta (cosmic) and so on (a lot, mucho, molto). Even bread is amazing here, served hot and crispy (be careful because you have to leave room for what comes next). Among the first courses I love pasta with clams (sprinkled with bottarga) and the shellfish risotto, pure exquisiteness. As main course “catalana lobster” strictly to eat using your hands (I’m kidding, you can have it properly using fish cutlery). To complete the experience a piece of homemade cake, coffee, a glass of
myrtle liqueur, a piece of pecorino (which the waiter will give you in your hand, took directly from the wheel of cheese). For me, this restaurant is one the coolest spots in Milan.
Tips: Always ask if there are some off-menu arrivals, the fish of the day (you can personally choose yours from the boat full of ice near the entrance), new arrivals. A curious thing, there are people who have been clients of this restaurant for years and you can recognize them because they almost always sit at the “les habitués” table (you have to find out which). If you return from time to time you will get your “habitué” status too.
Note: if you bring someone that doesn’t like fish don’t worry and ask, they always have something special for everyone.


Where: Trattoria del Pescatore
Via Atto Vannucci 5, 20135 Milan, Italy
phone: +39 02 5832 0452

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