Libra, Styloscope

MAY 2017 – LIBRA


The opposition of Venus and Mercury will drive you to mix the cards, to be annoying and to argue. You may not even know what you really want: your confusion prefigures a rather complicated period, boredom will be forbidden but attention: if you don’t calm down a little crisis will overcome. Unless you decide to jump in an extra temptation try to put some fire on your couple routine (your sexual energy is getting wild, go and unleash it)

You will experience many passionate adventures, and maybe a proper love story. A totally different person will shine and will engage you very intensely.

Unexpected events, delays and distractions will need to be contrasted with courage, determination and a touch of luck. Some circumstances will be profitable and you optimism will bring you to see the glass as half full. The commitment required is considerable, all considered the picture is very encouraging.

Among the thousand daily commitments you will also find time for yourself and for your well-being: you will be in the front row at the gym or stacking up kilometers on jogging tracks. The advice is to look yourself at the mirror with benevolence and serenity, just enjoy your workouts.

For Her: A nude summer dress, allow yourself to feel pretty

Where To:

For Him: Funny sea shorts because everybody can go out the confort zone

Where To:

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