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WIWUIMM – Tony Moly lip patch

“Wear some mascara, give attention to your eyebrows, and also take care of your lips.”
Fei Fei Sun

My super secret agent just came back from New York and one of the presents was this cute lip mask so … here we go! First: this lip mask looks pretty famous already, you may have seen it on a lot of Instagram famous feeds, Jessica Alba, Emma Stone… hmmm if it’s good enough for those beauties lets give it a try. The lip patch once opened is juicy and has a yummy flavor, it feel like having a honey candy spread over your put (pretty hard job to stay calm and do not wolf it down).
The goal of the product is to make your lips smooth, soft and kissable. Being cuban, not yet used to the Milan weather this seemed like my thing. Directions are: apply to your lips for 20-30 minutes and so I did. Have to say that the patch is kind of a jelly and I was sure it was going to slip off from my mouth but I was surprised to find that it remained in place (and there is a trick: stick the patch to your lips and create a vacuum, it works). For half an hour relax (I went into some yoga). When finished my lips were softer and got a more kissable look, not an amazing incredible miraculous effect but cool. So, if you are going for a hot date (Kylie Jenner look) or you just are planning a pampering party this is for you. You will feel your lips hydrated but also plumped with that lust look. For the everyday routine I’ll keep my brown sugar/honey (coming soon) home made scrub because in the prosaic routine we trust!Some infos:
Covers around lips
apply for 20-30 minutes
light gold color
honey candy flavor


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