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You say you’re a skeptic, Capricorn, and yet here you are, reading your horoscope.
September opens with the Sun in fellow Earth sign Virgo, putting you in the mood to learn, travel, and generally put yourself out there. Unfortunately, Mercury is retrograde at the start of the month, which will stir up complicated feelings. You’ll wonder what activities and relationships are really worth your effort.
It’s a complicated start to the month, but don’t worry, the astrological outlook for September is lighter than it was for August. Even though you’ll work through intensity at the start of the month, by the time October rolls around, you’ll feel like things are on the right track—or, at least, on a track, instead of being up in the air and fraught with complexity!
Mars enters Virgo, and Mercury ends its retrograde in Leo, on September 5, so mark this day on your calendar—it’s when the energy will begin to shift. Mars in Virgo will give you the energy you need, especially if you’re traveling, in school, or doing any publishing or promoting. This energy is about getting yourself out there. Capricorns don’t have the reputation of being extroverted or gregarious, but let’s be real, you’re a social climber, and when it’s time to hustle and shake hands, you show up.
Mercury, moving forward in Leo, will help you move in a new direction with conversations that began way back at the end of July. Complicated issues, from sex and intimacy to death and mourning to debts and taxes, have been touched by Mercury’s retrograde in Leo. When it starts moving direct, you’ll better understand these themes.
Let’s talk about your element, Capricorn: Earth. Earth is solid—it’s an element that astrologers relate to practicality and hard work, but also physical sensuality. Earth is real—it’s present, objective. The Sun is in Virgo—an Earth sign, like you—for the first part of the month. Virgo is about analysis and is known to be a perfectionist. You’ll need to find the critical side of Virgo during the full moon, in Water sign Pisces, which arrives September 6.
It’s a complicated start to the month, but don’t worry, the astrological outlook for September is lighter than it was for August.
What do you get when you mix Water and Earth? A whole lot of mud. Does clean-freak, perfectionist Virgo like mud? No, not so much, but that’s what you’ll deal with during this full moon: the release of muddy, messy, complicated, heavy feelings. Important information will come to light, Capricorn. A revealing conversation is on the way. As an Earth sign, you want facts, but you’ll need to receive feelings—the gray area, the subjective.
September 9 is a powerful day, with the Sun, in Virgo, making a harmonious connection with Pluto, which is in your sign. Plus, Mercury enters Virgo. This is a time for self-expression; anticipate important transformations. Conversations that were put on the back burner in August will come back as Mercury retraces its retrograde journey in Virgo.
Your ruling planet, Saturn, makes an easy connection with Venus on September 12 and clashes with the Sun on September 13. Sweet, affectionate Venus will do its best to warm up cool, detached Saturn—not that it will work. (Saturn does not like to cuddle.) But it’s better than these two not getting along! The energy is serious. It’s not the time for fart jokes. (By the way, all Earth signs love a good joke about bodily processes.) Commitment is on people’s minds.
Tension will arrive as the Sun clashes with Saturn; people will feel unseen, and obstacles will arise. If you’re able to act maturely, and seek advice from elders who have “been there, done that,” rather than being a know-it-all, you’ll be able to navigate bumps in the road just fine.
While Mercury retrograde was rough for travel and communication, things will be easier now. You might find, though, that when the Sun squares off with Saturn, frustration will pop back up.
What’s your philosophy on love, Capricorn? While Venus transits thoughtful Virgo, you’ll find yourself in situations where you will reconsider (or reconfirm) your stance on the topic.
Venus enters Virgo on September 19, bringing you good news (and love letters) from faraway places. What’s your philosophy on love, Capricorn? While Venus transits thoughtful Virgo, you’ll find yourself in situations where you will reconsider (or reconfirm) your stance on the topic.
A new moon in Virgo arrives September 20, encouraging you to turn over a new leaf. Many of us associate Virgo season with back-to-school shopping—I know you appreciate the feel of a fresh notebook, Capricorn. That sense of a new start is just what this new moon will deliver. Pursue a return to school or any travel plans as well as any writing. Already trying to get published or apply to school? Cast a spell. (Or connect with a mentor who can lead you where you want to go!)
September 22 is a powerful day: Mercury connects with Pluto, and the Sun enters Air sign Libra, marking the autumn equinox. Mercury is the messenger planet, and when it meets Pluto, the lord of the underworld, juicy information will come to light! The Sun’s entry into Libra will shift your focus, too. Your career and reputation (and how many followers you have, let’s be real) will weigh on your mind.
Communication planet Mercury clashes with Saturn on September 25, making it a difficult day for communication. Don’t plan cute dates or important business meetings. People are in crappy moods; while you may be able to work, it’s better that you work alone rather than in a group. Better still—take a nap. Taking a break may be exactly what you need to reboot your mind!
Jupiter faces off with Uranus on September 27. This is a big deal and certainly one of the most significant days of the month, astrologically speaking. Jupiter is the planet of growth and abundance, and Uranus rules shock and electricity. Combine the two, and we have over-the-top changes and surprises. You’ll feel this energy in the most private and most public areas of your life. (Expect to feel stressed and even a bit exposed.)
Important shifts are likely—as are endings. You probably won’t see these changes coming, and that’s what will stress you out the most: not the changes themselves, but that you’re caught off guard. Work with the energy by being open to change; trusting your inner voice, instead of ignoring it; and forgiving yourself for not being psychic about the things that come your way. After the initial shock, you will find a fresh start—one that feels more freeing than the kind of new beginning typically brought on by, let’s say, a new moon.
Mercury enters diplomatic Libra on September 29, lighting up the success and recognition sector of your chart and bringing plenty of opportunities to network, so brag about your skills and achievements. Libra is a sign that knows how to get along with anyone—you, on the other hand, have a hard time standing anybody. That’s okay. Smooth-talking Mercury, in gentle Libra, will assist you in winning over anyone, especially at work or in public spaces.


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