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A tipping point is here!
Your life is a quest for knowledge, Sagittarius; however, the information you received last month, during the eclipses (brutal, shocking) and Mercury retrograde (still going as of the start of this month), was more than you expected to wrestle with in one summer. As stressful as August was, you needed it, because you needed a course correction—the path you were walking wasn’t right for you. But now you’re on your way. Let’s see what September will hold.
Thankfully, Mercury ends its retrograde soon: on September 5. Mercury retrograde began last month, on August 12, in Virgo, during which time it brought work delays and miscommunications before retrograding into fellow Fire sign Leo on August 31. There, it added pressure—to school, travel, or work—whatever you were doing to promote yourself and your ideas.
Leo is the sign that rules the heart, so while Mercury is retrograde in this Fire sign, you’ll be reworking how to express what’s important to you—everything from your personal life, like your relationships, to your visions for your future, to your political and spiritual positions. A grounded, happy Sag is a blend of being critical and open-minded, and this Mercury retrograde will help reorient you toward your beliefs and boundaries.
Until September 5, avoid signing contracts (unless you want the terms of the agreement to change at a later date, in which case, go for it), expect traffic, and say no to important, expensive purchases. (Mercury, the messenger planet, rules both commerce and communication.) When Mercury begins moving direct in Leo, many stalled conversations or projects that needed to be reworked—even as far back as late July—will regain traction.
Mars enters hardworking Virgo on September 5, bringing a rush of activity to your professional and public life. Mars, the planet of action, and Virgo love to strategize—so map out your world takeover! Again, Mercury ends its retrograde September 5, which will make things run smoother, especially at work or connecting with the public.
Full moons are powerful times for release, and this one is especially potent.
A full moon in Pisces arrives September 6, illuminating the sector of your chart that rules your home and family. Expect this to be an emotional eclipse. You’ll be in a nostalgic, sappy mood, which is unusual for you, Sagittarius. Full moons are powerful times for release, and this one is especially potent. Let go of wounds from your early childhood, and release yourself from patterns that prevent you from enjoying the space and peace in your home, or personal spaces that you deserve. So much of your time is about you working and being in the public eye, promoting yourself. But this full moon will ask you to find a better balance between your personal and professional life.
Venus makes a harmonious connection with your ruling planet, Jupiter, on September 15, bringing you good vibes and lucky connections with people who get what you’re about. Venus is in fellow Fire sign Leo, bringing you good news, and love letters from faraway places, and encouraging you to expand your reach. Meanwhile, lucky planet Jupiter is in friendly Air sign Libra, expanding your social circle. When these planets connect, their energy will create a kind and easygoing atmosphere, making this a wonderful time to connect with others.
An especially exciting day for you is September 18, when Venus mingles with Uranus, putting you in a fun, free vibe. Excitement awaits you in your love life and in your creative projects. Uranus loves to experiment, so buy that weird sex toy you’ve been dreaming about—if not for yourself, then as an offering to Venus, a planet that loves nothing more than pleasure!
Love, money, and beauty planet Venus enters Virgo on September 19. Seductive Venus, in Earth sign Virgo, is sensual and particular about what it likes and what it wants. Are you clear on these things, Sag? In this hardworking sign, Venus will bring you blessings at work and for your reputation. People will find you charming, and rewards are likely to come your way. Venus loves fashion, so this is a good time to revamp your wardrobe, especially your work clothes. Please Venus in Virgo by picking up practical pieces made with natural fibers.
The new moon in Virgo arrives September 20, bringing a fresh start. Revitalize your reputation and your professional goals! Cast a spell for success and recognition, or carve a symbol for good luck into a purple candle as you visualize the attention you want and the rewards you deserve. Practically, this is a great time to connect with a mentor about your goals. New moons are a time for planting seeds, so spend time thinking about what direction you want to go in, professionally. If you’re looking for a new position, or are hoping for a raise, this new moon may bring just what you need!
The new moon in Virgo arrives September 20, bringing a fresh start. Revitalize your reputation and your professional goals!
Direction is important for you, Sagittarius—without it, you don’t know where to point your bow and arrow. And if you don’t know what to do with your bow and arrow, that means you’re feeling like a lost and confused centaur, galloping around the woods with no purpose. How sad! Having a goal to strive toward, a journey to enjoy, is key to your well-being.
The Sun enters Libra on September 22: It’s the Autumn equinox! This is a time for you to network and meet like-minded people (especially when the communication planet joins the Sun in Libra at the end of the month).
Libra is the sign of justice—so become more involved in your community or in activism. You have a big mouth, Sag, so put it to good use, shouting for what you believe in!
September 27 is one of the most intense days of the month, so circle it on your calendar. Jupiter (your ruling planet) will oppose unruly, rebel Uranus. Expect shakeups and reveals of important information, especially in your friend group, your love life, and your creative endeavors.
A tipping point is here, and unexpected breakups, or shocking news, could be on the way. Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion, which often translates to drama, and things being taken too far. Don’t make the mistake of pushing things further than they want to go, because Uranus will deliver unexpected, stunning consequences.
Mercury enters Libra on September 29, inspiring people to speak diplomatically, which will be welcome after the shakeups during the Jupiter/Uranus opposition. When two planets are opposed, they bring out differences, but all differences can be settled with compromise—and Libra is the sign that knows all about compromise! Mercury in Libra has the patience to work things out, adjust, and hear all sides. Libra is a sign we accuse of indecision, but that’s not really the case. Libra is decisive, but this is a sign that takes its time to make a decision—a just decision.
Good luck this month, and besitos!

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