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This month is looking a little easier than the last one.
September opens with the Sun in Virgo, encouraging you to network. Meet with friends and join new groups and communities! Virgo season is about you reflecting on your hopes and dreams, and you’re feeling especially motivated (and unusually spontaneous!) early this month. This is thanks to your planetary ruler, Mars, connecting with electric Uranus on September 2. The mood is productive. Uranus is the planet of invention, so anticipate some amazing discoveries!
Mercury is retrograde in Leo at the start of the month, pushing you to reconsider the direction you’re going in professionally, as well as your relationship with the public. Mercury retrograde is not a great time to sign contracts since the terms will likely change. Miscommunication, delays, and technical difficulties will run amok.
Fortunately, Mercury retrograde ends soon—on September 5, to be exact. Before it does, messenger planet Mercury will meet with Mars on September 3, sparking interesting conversation about success and your reputation. Don’t commit to anything yet, though, since Mercury will still be retrograde.
Mercury and Mars will meet again, on September 16, but by that point, both planets will be in Virgo. (Mars enters this sign on September 5, Mercury on September 9.) You’ll strike up conversations concerning your social life and the communities you belong to at that time.
Mars is the planet of war, and Mercury rules communication. So, in general, little Scorpio, expect that people won’t be too concerned about the nicest way to say something. We’ll all want to get our points across quickly and clearly, even if we’re not so charming!
Virgo season is about you reflecting on your hopes and dreams, and you’re feeling especially motivated (and unusually spontaneous!) early this month.
A full moon, in sensitive and psychic Water sign Pisces, lands September 6, which will illuminate the romance and creativity sector of your chart. You know how to put on a good poker face, Scorpio. As emotionally intense as you are, you know how to play it cool. But don’t expect to be able to bottle your feelings. A flood of emotion will take over—full moons reveal what’s beneath the surface. It may be an ending; climaxes will also occur in your love life and in any creative projects.
The Sun makes a harmonious connection with your other ruling planet, Pluto, on September 9, as does Mercury on September 22. Communicate with and meet people, Scorpio! Pluto is the planet of power, the lord of the underworld, so it can be a difficult energy to work with. But because these two planets are making easy connections, you’ll see Pluto’s best side: Its ability to transform, to share powerful secrets, to reveal hidden treasures.
Blessings come to your social life when Venus enters Virgo September 19. Venus rules love, money, and beauty. And Virgo is a down-to-earth, practical sign. Getting to know lovers as friends, and as people you can connect with intellectually, will be important.
Need a fresh start in your social life? The new moon in Virgo, on September 20, will bring just that. New moons are times to set intentions, so use this energy to meet new people or join a group or organization.
The autumn equinox arrives September 22 when the Sun enters Libra. Mercury soon follows the Sun, entering Libra September 29. You’re one of the most psychic signs in the zodiac, little scorpion, and your intuition will be even sharper during Libra season. You always manage to discover everyone’s secrets, and you’re known as the detective of the zodiac. As the Sun travels through Air sign Libra, you’ll become privy to what’s happening behind the scenes and in hidden places.
Need a fresh start in your social life? The new moon in Virgo, on September 20, will bring just that.
Catch up on sleep during Libra season, and keep a dream journal, because your inner voice will deliver important information. Your psychic abilities are so ramped up, you might find that spending time with large groups will be overwhelming. You’ll be sensitive to other people’s energies. As much as Venus in Virgo will encourage you to socialize, you’ll have to be picky as hell about who you spend time with (which, honestly, is no problem with Venus in Virgo, a sign that’s definitely a perfectionist).
Mars opposes Neptune on September 24—your famous Scorpio stinger will be limp, so take it easy. Don’t plan important meetings. Mars is the planet of war, but it’s hard to know where to point your stinger when Neptune, the planet of dreams and delusion, has rolled in with its heavy fog.
Your social life, your creative life, and your romantic life will bring uncertainty. Be careful. If you become paranoid, ask a trusted friend or advisor for their unbiased opinion rather than getting carried away with fears and fantasies.
One of the most astrologically significant days is September 27, when Jupiter opposes Uranus. Jupiter is the planet of growth—whenever it’s around, we know things will be exaggerated, for better or worse. Uranus rules surprises and chaos. At its core, it’s about freedom and innovation.
You’re ready to be set free, Scorpio, especially by the rules and responsibilities you’re tied to daily. Expect changes at work, and with your schedule, your routines, and habits.
You’re also ready to break out of old ways of thinking that are holding you back. The thoughts that play in your head are no longer healthy. You’ll experience big changes at the end of the month. While you dislike asking for help, I hope you’ll consider it, because freeing yourself—from having to do everything by yourself—is a fantastic gift.
Good luck this September, Scorpio, besitos!

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