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Happy solar return, Virgo! September opens with your planetary ruler, Mercury, retrograde in Leo. You’re not thinking clearly, you’re sleepy as hell, and all the coffee in the world can’t save you. However, this is a great excuse to catch up on rest and alone time. September 3 will be agitating, thanks to Mercury meeting with fiery Mars in Leo, creating a loud, impulsive atmosphere when you would rather have the curtains drawn.
The energy this month is confusing, especially in your relationships, thanks to a slew of planets (which are all in your sign, Virgo!) opposing Neptune, the planet of dreams and delusions. The Sun opposes Neptune on September 5, Mercury opposes it on September 19, Mars takes its turn on the 24th, and, finally, Venus opposes Neptune on the 29th. Mark these days on your calendar as times to expect confusion and insecurity.
The energy is limp, and worse, the vibe may be a bit paranoid. Don’t plan important meetings or cute dates! Neptune is the planet of fog, and you won’t see anything clearly, especially in the realm of relationships. Understanding people’s needs and motivations will be frustrating, and you’ll need to address boundaries in your partnerships. Neptune blurs lines—be clear on yours.
Mars enters your sign, Virgo, on September 5, helping you strategize. You’ve been dreaming up big plans, but you haven’t been ready to act on them—yet. Mars will give you a boost of bravery to get it done. You’re a gentle person, Virgo, but while Mars is in your sign, people will likely see you as more aggressive than usual!
Also on September 5, Mercury ends its retrograde, picking up conversations that you paused or reworked since as far back as July. Mercury retrograde is infamous for miscommunication, delays, and technical difficulties. While it may be a relief that this retrograde is over, expect September to be confusing thanks to Neptune’s influence in the sky, especially when it comes to your relationships.
The energy this month is confusing, especially in your relationships, thanks to a slew of planets opposing Neptune, the planet of dreams and delusions.
Virgo, it’s important that you focus on your needs and boundaries, not on other people, because they don’t have any fucking idea what they need right now. You won’t get any closer to meeting your needs by obsessing over what’s happening in their heads!
An important full moon for your relationships arrives September 6: the full moon in Pisces. Full moons are intense and emotional, and this is especially true when it’s a Pisces full moon. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, symbolizing unity, empathy, and the end of a cycle. It indeed is the end of a cycle for you, Virgo.
Reflect on your partnerships and the give-and-take between you and others. Is it equal? Compromise is an important theme. Information will come to light, and you’ll gain deeper perspective on a relationship.
The Sun will make a harmonious connection with Pluto on September 9, which will be an exciting, sexy time, lil’ virgin! Pluto is in fellow Earth sign Capricorn, a lusty goat that, while a hard worker, is well known for hedonism. Hot sex is on the way; however, if you’re not in the mood for romance, create art instead. Or do both! Mercury will also connect with Pluto on September 22, which will bring exciting, revealing conversations. The inside scoop is coming your way.
Mercury reenters your sign on September 9. Conversations that needed to be paused, during August’s Mercury retrograde, will pick back up. Expressing yourself will be easy. Ideas and feelings that have been brewing—that you haven’t figured out how to express—you’ll easily verbalize.
Usually, you are thoughtful and considerate when you communicate. But with rowdy Mars in your sign, sounding nice will not be your priority.
Have something hard to say? Action planet Mars will meet with Mercury again on September 16, giving you an extra dose of bravery. Say what you want to say. Usually, you are thoughtful and considerate when you communicate. But with rowdy Mars in your sign, sounding nice will not be your priority.
Venus enters your sign on September 19. Mars has been in your sign, making you tougher than usual, but you’ll find it easy to work Venus’s flirtatious, charming energy, too. You’ll convince anyone of anything! (Unless Neptune’s fog gets in your way. Then again, you could use Neptune’s ability to glamour, dazzle, and hypnotize to your advantage, Virgo!)
A new moon lands in your sign September 20! New moons bring new beginnings, and a clean slate is just what you need. Virgo season coincides with back-to-school season, and most of us love the feel of a new, clean notebook, the smell of a new backpack, and freshly sharpened pencils. This spirit, this energy, is what the new moon will bring you, my little sweet wheat! It’s time to give yourself a makeover. Introduce the work to the new you.
Also on September 22, the Sun enters Libra, marking the autumn equinox. Mercury soon follows the Sun, entering Libra on September 29. Libra occupies the sector of your chart that rules finances and self-worth. Reflect on your budget and spending; meditate on your self-esteem and security.
Mercury clashes with Saturn on September 25, creating tension, especially at home or with a private or personal issue. Expect obstacles. This isn’t the time to plan an important meeting wherein you would like someone to say yes. People are in shitty, grumpy moods. Family stress may arrive, or you could feel overwhelmed and crave space from the outside world.
One of the most astrologically significant days is September 27, when Jupiter opposes Uranus. Jupiter is the planet of growth and abundance; Uranus rules surprises and freedom. So, by combining these two planets, Virgo, you can expect extra surprises. You’ll also be extra itchy for freedom. Relationships that come with strings attached will need those strings cut. Feeling indebted to someone will make you feel uncomfortable. Watch for money issues to come to the fore. Good luck this month, Virgo.

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