About me

I was born and raised in tropical Cuba. I have always found interesting that my dreams came to me in such great order: astronaut, fireman and then doctor. At times, however, life takes you places you don’t expect and cannot predict.
I’ve been attracted to high heels for as long as I can remember. The first fashion magazines I ever laid my eyes on were those from my grandma’s times. And so, the 50s fashion was in display on each of my dolls. I used to spend hours playing with “cuquitas”, the “classic” paper dolls, designing floral dresses with big hats.
It seems then like, dare I say, providence that I find myself now living in Milan, one of the fashion capitals of this great world. Right after I arrived in 2003, I decided to fill the gap and learn, read and get as much of the fashion essence as possible. Becoming a lifestyle coach was just the next natural step.

My mantra today: Don’t cover. Dress!