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Le 5 tendenze primaverili che dovete conoscere

“Non importa quanto freddo sia l’inverno, dopo c’è sempre la primavera.” Eddie Vedder La primavera è quasi arrivata e sappiamo che siete pronte per i nuovi trends che vi daranno una mano a rinfrescare il vostro look. Per rendervi la vita più facile, abbiamo riassunto in cinque proposte à la page queste tendenze per darvi una mano a scrollarvi questo freddo e portarvi in anticipo nella nuova stagione, da i colori all’ultima versione del denim. Pronte per il cambio  ...

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Styloscope, Virgo


VIRGO (AUGUST 23 – SEPTEMBER 22) LOVE Mars and Venus re-energize your model and sexual appeal, your significant other will love it! You will leave behind the relational difficulties that had manifested in the last few months. More optimistic, you will rediscover the pleasure of flying high and letting you go to positive and engaging emotions. IF YOU ARE SINGLE Hey looks like you have the Royal flush: flirt, adventures, and even intense love. Even a brain zodiac sign like yours will be  ...

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Aquarius, Styloscope

April 2017 – Aquarius

AQUARIUS (JANUARY 20 – FEBRUARY 18) LOVE The sexual chemistry might be affected by the routine and a sensation of tiredness, that could be accompanied by a certain narrow-mindedness attitude by people around you. From one side your security needs will be picking high, on the other side you will be fighting with a physiological need to just stand alone. Hard to be near you! IF YOU ARE SINGLE Take it easy at the moment. Planetary transits are a little bit messy and you need to clear  ...

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