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René Caovilla vuole diventare l’imperatore delle calzature di lusso

Produttori da quasi 100 anni di alcune delle scarpe più costose del mondo il marchio è cresciuto esponenzialmente nell’ultimo decennio. Può un’azienda a conduzione familiare diventare un marchio globale? I sandali scintillanti di René Caovilla stanno attualmente splendendo sul tappeto rosso con una frequenza atipica per un marchio di scarpe. Da Rihanna a Bella e Gigi, da Robin Wright a Jane Fonda, tante stars scelgono Caovilla a completare i loro ensemble. Edoardo Caovilla,  ...

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White – Man & Woman June 2017 TRADESHOW

“Black and white are the colors of photography. To me they symbolize the alternatives of hope and despair to which mankind is forever subjected.” Robert Frank Men’s and Women’s Collections + Pre-Collections Spring/Summer 18. An aesthetic, artistic and intellectual venue, White is the main launching pad of brands and companies still a reference spot for multi-brand and department stores in the World. During the event the upcoming season’s pre-collections will be introduced and  ...

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Hoy come ayer, Magazine

Hoy como ayer – Irving Schott

Probably you don’t know who Irving Schott is but don’t worry me neither until 3 months ago. I was thinking about a Never Again Without episode dedicated to the Motorcycle Jacket and I found out some pretty interesting things. This is the story of two brothers, sons of russian immigrants going for their own american dream, the perfect story! It was 1913 and the two decide to start making rain coats in a Lower Manhattan basement selling them door to door. Keeping up with the outdoors garments  ...

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