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L’unica borsa che renderà la vostra vita molto più facile

“La borsa ha una particolarità, direi anche un privilegio: è un meta-oggetto. Serve a portare degli oggetti, ma essa stessa non è veramente un oggetto, è ad un gradino superiore rispetto a ciò che trasporta. È incomparabile, è un medium.” Francois Dagognet La ricerca di un borsone pratico e facile da usare può lasciare la persona più calma e modaiola stremata, confusa e senza borsa. Per la maggior parte, le tendenze “borsistiche” degne di nota quasi sempre riguardano i modelli crossbody o a  ...

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Pisces, Styloscope


PISCES (FEBRUARY 19 – MARCH 20) LOVE Great enthusiasm on couple’s life: your sympathy and your charm will allow you to immediately regain even the most irritated partners. Just try not to succumb to useless quarrels or not to unleash baseless jealousy. This are just the disadvantages of everyday life and hey, is natural if you share the same roof. IF YOU ARE SINGLE With Mars and Venus on your side you will be able to make a dream come true: what are you waiting to take in all  ...

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Sagittarius, Styloscope


SAGITTARIUS (NOVEMBER 22 – DECEMBER 21) LOVE Calmed conflicts seem to calm down the impulses: you will be sheltered in a calm routine and without leaps or surprises. The serenity of this month does not disappoint you, but your sex appeal isn’t taking any benefits from it. Unless your partner drags you into interesting variations on the subject, you may feel to transgress and live your own impulsive drive with someone else! Think twice. IF YOU ARE SINGLE It’s time for sex  ...

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Libra, Styloscope


LIBRA (SEPTEMBER 23 – OCTOBER 22) LOVE The complications of June will fail to demolish your proverbial balance, but Mars quadrature leaves no escape. Perhaps a bit of disapproval for the partner’s behavior, perhaps stress and problems at work downloaded on your private life: tension you will have to face, especially on bed. The antidote? Take a break and have a trip with your half, to remember how much you are into your relationship. IF YOU ARE SINGLE Fugitive and rarefied  ...

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