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Capricorn, Styloscope


CAPRICORN (DECEMBER 22 – JANUARY 19) LOVE Turning point in love: it’s up to you to make a review and start asking yourself what you really want and what you want from your couple. You might decide to remain by your own, alone and grumpy or communicate with your partner. Try to keep out pride and tell your vulnerabilities: you will benefit from it. IF YOU ARE SINGLE Feeling the desire to have someone next to you to protect and understand you? Try to play a joke to Cupid  ...

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Sagittarius, Styloscope


SAGITTARIUS (NOVEMBER 22 – DECEMBER 21) LOVE Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, and Uranus will protect you from the ferocious wrath of Mars, in opposition to your Sign for the entire month of May. Beware to some irritability bursts and breathe, the red planet is not going to hit hard. Nothing will, in fact, frustrate that rediscovered enthusiasm, understanding, and warmth with your half. Live the present because you are having exactly what you want! IF YOU ARE SINGLE Love at first sight is in  ...

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Leo, Styloscope

April 2017 – Leo.

LEO (JULY 23 – AUGUST 22) LOVE Even if the sun is almost always on your side, you can not always go to the max! Stress, bad moods and lethargic sex energy will characterize your April. A tip: Do not download on your partner and do not lock you up like a clam. In order to be able to recover quickly enough erotic dialogue and harmony you will need communication. IF YOU ARE SINGLE An adventure could be a great idea but be careful not to slip into a clandestine affair. The probability is  ...

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i tessuti: La Seta

“La seta è il tessuto che devi indossare se vuoi raggiungere Dio” Detto Cinese. Vi avevo parlato di dedicare dei post ai tessuti e trovando questo detto ho pensato di iniziare con la Seta (anche se visto il meteo avrei dovuto cominciare con la lana, vi chiedo venia). La più morbida, fine, delicata delle fibre naturali, fresca d’estate e calda d’inverno (ecco mi sono messa in pari) è un filamento molto sottile di bava (ebbene sì) che un bruco depone in torno a sé in più strati costruendosi  ...

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