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Occhiali da sole mon amour

“C’è chi si mette degli occhiali da sole per avere più carisma e sintomatico mistero.” Franco Battiato E’ tutta una montatura! Sia che li portiate per proteggervi dal sole o per puro scopo estetico gli occhiali da sole sono diventati un accessorio molto importante nei nostri outfit. Ho cercato di scegliere i modelli più trendy e anche quelli intramontabili (e pure quelli che mi piacciono di più) scovati in rete e non solo, sono riuscita a concentrarli in una lista che potete trovare in un  ...

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Sagittarius, Styloscope


SAGITTARIUS (NOVEMBER 22 – DECEMBER 21) LOVE Calmed conflicts seem to calm down the impulses: you will be sheltered in a calm routine and without leaps or surprises. The serenity of this month does not disappoint you, but your sex appeal isn’t taking any benefits from it. Unless your partner drags you into interesting variations on the subject, you may feel to transgress and live your own impulsive drive with someone else! Think twice. IF YOU ARE SINGLE It’s time for sex  ...

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Styloscope, Taurus


TAURUS (APRIL 20 – MAY 20) LOVE A five-star astrological situation is scheduled for you this June! Venus lights up the reflections on your sensuality and personal charm, and more, Mars gives you passionate moments of intimacy. The atmosphere on your relationship looks warm and enterprising. Even your most hidden desires will be realized! Enjoy this beautiful moment. IF YOU ARE SINGLE Finally you will be given the grace of being able to fall in love with the right person for you: the  ...

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